“AFIRE LOVE” – A collection of poetry and prose, intimate and relatable, touching, intriguing and visionary.


Welcome to this amazing adventure with me!

I gave birth to the idea of Afire Love in 2019 while on a 10 hour flight from Dubai to Istanbul with Turkey Airlines when I was compelled to write down the full first chapter of the words I held closely in the far corners of my heart.

My hope is that you will find Afire Love raw and honest and relatable. I hope that Afire Love ignites your heart and Soul in ways you never imagined, that my collection of heart, soul and emotion will jump from its pages to your heart where it will manifest the belief that you deserve a love of full capacity, a love that will obliterate you in every way, an Afire Love!


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Afire Love

Afire Love is a beautifully moving book of poetry that brings a sense of wonder and magic towards love.


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I am almost certain that the colour of love is yellow. There was this glow about her, as if the sun gave her birth, as if she was put together from the petals of a thousand sunflowers.

I am almost certain that the colour of love is yellow, is her!

There is this special space between holding on and letting go, between having one foot in and one foot out. And within that space, love is ever present, ever lurking, ever waiting – for a second chance.

When she looks at me with those almond eyes, I forget all the ways we are broken, all the ways we are complicated.

Moon glow, rainbow colours, bright shooting stars, gold Summer sunsets, dancing northern light skies. That’s how it feels when she loves me.


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